Her Reading List Lives On

My mom Robin loved to shop, watch TV, go out to dinner, do crosswords and make fun of my dad. But most of all she loved to read. Some of her favorite topics of conversation revolved around books – what she had just read, what she was reading now and what she wanted to read next. Eventually, to keep track of it all, she started a reading list. In more recent years, the list moved from a small piece of paper in her wallet to a more formal word document on the computer. But even as the list became high tech, a physical version always existed in her purse so that at any moment, should she find herself in the vicinity of a library or bookstore, she’d be ready.

My mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 2, 2010. As people gathered to mourn her death, the topic inevitably turned to books. Her friends remarked that she had always been the one they looked to for recommendations. I know that I certainly went to my mom first whenever I needed a new book to read. Now that she’s gone, she has left behind a devastated husband, two devastated children and countless devastated friends. But she has also left behind her reading list. On it are 50 books and authors she intended to read. While she may not still have the chance to get to them all, I do. And I will. And it will all be chronicled here on “Reading for Robin.”

I may not still have my mom, but at least I still have her advice on what to read.


8 responses to “Her Reading List Lives On

  1. “Reading for Robin” is a great idea and I’m sure the book club will refer to her list for our book selections.
    Your mother, my friend always gave great suggestions for books to read, restaurants, special sales, and much more.
    Robin will be missed by all…but our memories of the time we shared with your mother, will live forever!

  2. I am a BIG fan. Count me in as fan number 21. xox Joni

  3. What a wonderful idea, Sam. Your mother would love this. She was so special to me and I will miss her so much. I look forward to hearing more about your reading and hope to get to at least some of the books on this list…in my spare time with two young kids, that is!

    Happy Reading!

  4. This is such an awesome idea! I hope we will refer to this list too. Your Mom was a great person and an awesome book club hostess. I always looked forward to our book club meetings and this list will keep her ever present in the “Club”

  5. What a wonderful idea, samantha! I may have not read the books that your mom discussed during our lunches with Jill, but I listened to her enthusiasm. I guess it was like losing “a sister”, when I realized we spoke more than five times a day, never had a fight, and enjoyed talking about our children, most of all! Keep up your good work!!

  6. Thanks for the support everyone!

  7. I miss my dearest friend Robin so much and I will think of her every time I turn on my kindle. I love you Robin. Thanks Sam for thinking of this idea and for taking part in the ALS walk.

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