Linked Up: Paging Through The Internet

My mom loved thinking about and talking about reading almost as much as she loved the actual act of reading. When I recently got a job in publishing, my mom was delighted… now we’d have even more to discuss. Not that, you know, she didn’t find our other conversations interesting or anything.

In her absence, I’ve turned to the giant reading conversation that is the World Wide Web. Here’s what the Internet is saying about books, authors and the publishing industry recently:

An author on Robin’s list, Dani Shapiro, writes a column in the L.A. Times about the “blockbuster-or-bust mentality” of publishing these days. [L.A. Times]

From “I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears” to “Schoolgirl Milky Crisis,” the nominees for oddest book title of the year have been revealed. [Guardian UK]

A 17-year-old German author tells us it’s called “mixing and matching” these days and NOT plagiarism. [N.Y. Times]

Kate Gosselin, of Robin’s former favorite show to more recently reviled show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, just wants us to know that she’s publishing a new book called “I Just Want You to Know.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Anne Rice is bringing vampires to video with a new multimedia edition of her story “The Master of Rampling Gate.” [Kansas City Star]


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