A Positive Look at Publishing…Finally

I know I could really use some good news. And the publishing industry? The publishing industry could certainly use some good news. Well, a recent Huffington Post article, brings just that. Well, if not good news, then it definitely delivers a positive message – not a common occurrence in book coverage these days.

The column’s author (and a book author himself), Jason Pinter, points to the boost the book industry has received lately. It’s been all over the news and on the tip of people’s tongues. Sure, some of it has been for controversies (Amazon vs. Macmillan, anyone?) and sure we’re inundated with cries of publishing and print’s imminent demise. But, look on the bright side, people are talking about books! And the talk isn’t all bad! Pinter says:

I just want to take a moment to proclaim that this is quite possibly the most exciting period to be a reader in my lifetime. Think about it: when was the last time books and publishing were as much a part of the daily conversation as they are now?

His enthusiasm is convincing, though I am easily convinced of things I want to believe anyway. Hey, I’m a part of that industry that’s supposedly on death watch.

Pinter goes on to say:

In my thirty years on this planet, I cannot remember a time when so many people were discussing books themselves, the future of books, and what it all means for everyone involved. All in all books have a ‘buzz’ about them that I can’t recall ever sensing.

To back up his claim of “buzz,” Pinter points to ebooks on the rise, the popularity of movies based on books (and not just Twilight), Stieg Larsson’s enormous posthumous success and the rise of reader and author interaction on social networking sites. Maybe technology isn’t killing publishing, it’s just forcing it into new areas…ableit painfully.

Whatever actually ends up happening, I’ll take a little dose of positivity for now. People are talking about books… my mom would be so glad.


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