Linked Up: Paging Through The Internet

My mom loved thinking about and talking about reading almost as much as she loved the actual act of reading.

In her absence, I’ve turned to the giant reading conversation that is the World Wide Web. Here’s what the Internet is saying about books, authors and the publishing industry this week:

The Chicago Sun Times goes all seance on us and summons info on the ghost writers behind some of the biggest celeb memoirs. (Robin’s list author J.R. Moehringer was the man behind the Andrea Agassi heroin and baldness revelations). [Chicago Sun Times]

The debate rages on: What are the best movies adapted from books? Babysitter’s Club anyone? [The News & Record]

And in the reverse, can a good book be made out of a movie… especially if that movie is Avatar? James Cameron is certainly going to try. [Entertainment Weekly]

Blame the Obamas for those crazy scandalous socialist books in the White House. Oh wait, they’ve been there since 1963. [The Washington Post]

Why Catcher in the Rye is the greatest book ever… even if Robin’s list book King Dork begs to differ. [Pop Matters]


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