But Wait…There’s More

Perhaps my dad just needs to be less thorough in his cleaning. While recently digging through more of my mom’s belongings, my dad stumbled across yet another piece of paper with names of books written on it. For someone so organized, it seems my mom found plenty of places to tuck away reminders of books she wanted to read.

By now, you all know how it works. The following books have been added to the list:

The Late Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow

Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag

Looks like this will be quite the long term project after all.

Originally, I’d considered attempting to read the whole list in a year. There’s just something inspiring about “the year I spent reading all the books my mom didn’t get to.” But then I realized just how many books there were and how few weeks there are in a year. Now, with the book count up to about 55, I’d have to read more than a book a week, which means little time for any other books, let alone any other life.

Let’s just say, I’m glad I didn’t end up imposing a time limit on myself. Instead I can look forward to reminders of my mom’s love of reading for a long time to come.


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