Robin’s Reading List Authors Say What?

When the authors on The List aren’t busy writing exciting works that attracted Robin’s attention, many can be found speaking their mind on Twitter.

Amazon gripes, movie quotes, too much information and more. Check out who’s tweeting what this week:


how is it that i cannot get copies of my own book from Amazon in fewer than fourteen days? #bw&j


Favorite movie quote? Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son . . . Animal House


Social Media is the new bottled water/people did fine without it before but now they feel they need it to go on living. We’re soaking in it.

The only people who truly need bottled water live in 3rd world countries. The only people who truly need Social Media are shut ins & lepers.


There are journeys a writer goes on to write a book. And there a book a writer writes in order to go on the journey… #devotion


TMI…If you were married to Mark Sanford, would you really want to write a memoir about it?


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