Reading for Robin Goes To The Library

…Or can in another four weeks! That’s when the library card I just applied for should arrive in the mail.

My mom loved the library. At any given time she had a library book or two out and a few more on hold. And when I was younger, I loved the library too. I have distinct memories of my mom taking me to the library in elementary school and me exiting with a stack of books almost high enough to block my vision.

But the last book I read from the library I borrowed from my mom (Born Round) and the last time I even owned a library card was probably in high school… if even then. I’m not sure what changed except that my residence became less permanent and my Kindle became more appealing. However, with a long list of books to read and a limited budget with which to read them, I up and joined the New York Public Library yesterday. Things have certainly changed though… I applied for the card online and it will be mailed to my apartment instead of having to actually do the whole process in person.

Whether I actually use the library card or not will still have to be seen. But at least now I can add the library to my list of reading options along with downloading Kindle books, shelling out at the bookstore or begging people to lend me copies. If the library was good enough for my mom, it’s good enough for me.


One response to “Reading for Robin Goes To The Library

  1. Owning a library card in NYC is tricky. I’ve had mine for the past four months but if you need a book within a time frame (i.e. book club), it’s difficult to secure a title due to extensive waiting lists. Here’s hoping you have better luck!

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