A Quote Worth Quoting: Shanghai Girls

As I mentioned in the original “Quote Worth Quoting” post, I’m not a person who underlines phrases that speak to me in books. I’m not one who even thinks that phrases speak to me in books. But during this project, I’m going to try and be that kind of person. I think it will add something to the discussions about the books and maybe even give you all a little insight into who I am.

Below is a passage that stood out to me while reading Shanghai Girls:

“I focus my eyes on my jade bracelet. All these years and for all the years after I die, it will remain unchanged. It will always be hard and cold – just a piece of stone. Yet for me it is an object that ties me to the past, to people and places that are gone forever. Its continued perfection serves as a physical reminder to keep living, to look to the future, to cherish what I have. It reminds me to endure.”

This quote reminds me how seemingly unimportant, inanimate objects can take on greater meaning and remind us of the things that matter.

Recently, I’ve adopted my own version of Pearl’s jade bracelet. I wear a ring with a small torquiose stone in it. I think it used to belong to my mom when she was younger, but to be honest, I’m not really sure. She gave it to me so long ago that the story is lost to me. The ring isn’t fancy and it probably wasn’t expensive. But now, I wear it as a physical reminder of my mom, that lets me carry her with me while I continue to live my life.


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