Frank Portman Likes Reading for Robin

Yesterday I wrote about Frank Portman’s reading list on Amazon. Then Frank Portman found out and wrote about my blog on his blog. So today I am writing about Frank Portman writing on his blog about my blog on my blog. Whew.

Thanks to the magic of Google Alerts, Portman was alerted to my post about him. So he took to his website, Dr. Frank’s What’s-it, and wrote:

I just came across Reading for Robin, a new book blog with a touching origin… King Dork is on Robin’s list, and Tom’s father’s reading list is posted as well, which is how I was google-alerted to it. I have to admit, the whole thing got me a little choked up.

Thanks for the shout-out Frank! Can I call you Frank? And by the way, I’m really liking the book so far.


One response to “Frank Portman Likes Reading for Robin

  1. Sam, this is so neat! Your mom would have loved it! I’m going to read King Dork right after I’m finished with my current 700-page book!

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