A Quote Worth Quoting: King Dork Part II

I’m not a person who underlines phrases that speak to me in books. I’m not one who even thinks that phrases speak to me in books. But during this project, I’m going to try and be that kind of person. I think it will add something to the discussions about the books and maybe even give you all a little insight into who I am.

I know I already did a “Quote Worth Quoting” post for this book, but since my brother was the source it doesn’t really count. So this time I’m pulling an actual quote from the actual book:

“Still, I had developed this crazy idea that by reading the books my dad had read at my age, I could get to know him better retroactively. Maybe reading his books would provide some insight into his character, an indication of the kind of person he had been and the sorts of things he had been interested in and had thought about.”

Now maybe I should apologize that all of my quotes from books so far are about the character’s dead relatives, but I guess it’s been on the mind.

This quote really stood out to me because it’s like my current project, but in reverse. While I’m reading the books my mom wanted to read in the future because she can’t, the main character Tom is reading his deceased father’s old books to get a better sense of his dad. Though our motivations are different, I can relate. Even if I’m not trying to necessarily learn about my mom from these books, I do feel like it keeps me close to her.


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