Robin’s Reading List Authors Say What?

When the authors on The List aren’t busy writing exciting works that attracted Robin’s attention, many can be found speaking their mind on Twitter.

Oscar commentary, hot dogs, a crazy train ride and more… Check out who’s tweeting what this week:


Celebrating International Women’s Day – and ecstatic over the Kathryn Bigelow win last night.


Just found out that Shanghai Girls will be #7 on the NY Times list. That will make 5 weeks so far! Super cool! Thank YOU!


future adapters of my books, if you win an oscar and don’t thank me, we are going to have a serious problem. oscarsforgettothanksapphirewtf


oscar meyer weiners


This has been one heck of a train ride. Pirates. Wild dogs. Chemistry gone wild. And now . . . Aspergian tykes at Ivymount


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