Susan Sarandon Knows This Blog Exists!

Whether she cares or not is another question…

To back up a little, a few weeks ago my parents’ friend Ronda commented on this site that, should Reading for Robin ever make it to the big screen, she thought Susan Sarandon would be perfect to play the role of my mom. That sparked many discussions about who should play who in this Reading for Robin feature film. George Clooney as my dad! Natalie Portman as me! Zach Efron as my boyfriend Andrew! We dreamed big, flattered ourselves and spared no expense.

Now fast forward to Friday night. My brother was in town and a group of us headed to this bar SPiN. The bar is full of ping pong tables and just happens to be co-owned by Susan Sarandon. While watching an intense match of ping pong, we spotted Susan sitting across the room. This was it!

My roommate Carley decided to go for it. She borrowed our friend Maggie’s business card, wrote down the URL for Reading for Robin and approached Susan. Carley told her about the blog and her potential role as my mom. I’m not sure Susan was exactly engaged in the conversation, but she did tell Carley that she was flattered and took the card. That’s more than I could have hoped for!

So Susan, if you’re reading this, we love you and if you’re interested, feel free to get in touch! A girl can dream, right?


9 responses to “Susan Sarandon Knows This Blog Exists!

  1. Don’t forget Topher Grace or Adam Brody for me!

    I have to say it was fun to be a part of your magnet for celebrity interaction for a little bit. Closest brush with someone famous for me. Too bad she didn’t pick up on the vibes I was sending out.

    Definitely have to back next time I am up.

  2. And don’t forget Robert Pattinson as Adam!

  3. I guess Adam has a lot of doppelgangers… we may have to hold some serious auditions for the part! Clearly, competition will be fierce for this blockbuster!

  4. Zac Efron WISHES he had the hair flip.

  5. We can just do what they did for Heath Ledger in his final movie: cast all three of the suggested names and have them play me in different situations.

  6. At the Academy Awards, do you think Susan will thank me for thinking of her for the role as your mom. I found my new career, casting agent

  7. Phew. I’m just glad Bieber is out of the running finally.

  8. good going, samantha! you have met with a celebrity that we don’t have a picture with!

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