Next Up: Devotion by Dani Shapiro

In keeping with my constant need to switch things up, I’ve picked yet another book completely unlike the ones before it to tackle next. I’m reading Dani Shapiro’s newest book Devotion.

HarperCollins describes the memoir thusly:

In this spiritual detective story, Shapiro explores the varieties of experience she has pursued—from the rituals of her black hat Orthodox Jewish relatives to yoga shalas and meditation retreats. A reckoning of the choices she has made and the knowledge she has gained, Devotion is the story of a woman whose search for meaning ultimately leads her home. Her journey is at once poignant and funny, intensely personal—and completely universal.

Surprised by the choice? Well, Dani Shapiro was on the list with no specific book mentioned and I decided to go with the most recent. I’m going to admit right now that this does not sound like my kind of book at all. Especially since Jesse Kornbluth wrote on the Huffington Post that this was “the one book that anyone over, say, 35, needs to read right now.” That’s just part of a glowing review, but it’s a bit concerning for someone like me who is still a good 10 years away from that target age.

However, I am really looking forward to reading Devotion. I like memoirs, I like things described as “poignant and funny” and I like a challenge. Maybe I’ll end up feeling a little more spiritual than simply attaching meaning to a mysterious smiley face on my own website.

For more information on the book and Dani Shapiro, check out her website here.


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