Other Reading Recommendations From Robin

No, this is not another “More Books” post this time. Well, it is about more books, but not ones to be added to the official Robin’s Reading List. Instead, this is more like Robin’s Read List, as in the past tense.

You see, the beauty of Gmail is that you can easily go through old emails. The other day I decided to go through some old emails from my mom. What I found, besides lots of reminders to see a doctor, bring a jacket when visiting Florida because it’s colder than I think it is and to fix my typos, was more book talk.

As I’ve said, my mom was always recommending books to me. The beginning of one email says it all: “Since I love to think about books, here are some more you might enjoy.”

So, if the long, daunting list of books to the right on Robin’s Reading List aren’t enough for you, here are a few books my mom recommended to me recently:

Blame – Michelle Huneven
Goldengrove – Francine Prose
Await Your Reply – Dan Chaon
Friend of the Family – Lauren Grodstein
Glass Castle – Jeanette Wall
While I’m Falling – Laura Moriarty
Love Walked In – Marisa de los Santos
A Gate at the Stairs – Laurie Moore
Testimony – Anita Shreve

The difference between these books and the ones on The List are that the these are books my mom had already read, liked and recommended as opposed to the ones she intended to read. Being the devoted daughter that I am, I took my mom’s suggestions to heart so I can say that because of her I’ve read Friend of the Family, While I’m Falling, Testimony and Glass Castle (even though I’d already read it and forgotten). I would have gotten to the others as well, but just hadn’t had the time yet. Now I seem to have a couple of other books on my hands. Still, I am confident I will get to them eventually and hopefully see what my mom saw in them.


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