Some Great Books To Be Movies Soon(ish)

While I dig into Devotion, I decided to leave you all with some lighter thoughts. And who doesn’t love movies?

As has been well documented, my mom and I had pretty similar tastes in books. So she would probably have been just as excited as I am that a few books we really enjoyed are making it to the big screen. Make a note that these will be coming to theaters near you…eventually:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – It’s already a bestselling book published in 37 languages, so it’s no surprise The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo landed a movie deal or two. The Swedish version of the movie opens in America today. Not a foreign film fan? Don’t worry the U.S. will also be releasing a version of the movie at some point. Just please don’t let a Hollywood starlet play Lisbeth, okay?

Water for Elephants – This endearing book about a vet student who leaves school after his parents death and joins the circus is already well on its way to hit movie status thanks to some high-profile casting. Reese Witherspoon is on board and Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson are said to be “circling” the Fox 2000 drama.

The Help – (I must confess that while I really liked this book, I don’t believe my mom actually got to read it. She did buy it on her Kindle, though, so I can imagine that she would have enjoyed it as much as I did.) Author Kathryn Stockett’s childhood friend director Tate Taylor optioned the project and adapted the script based on this crazy success story of a book (47 weeks on the bestseller list and still going!). Now, though, DreamWorks has acquired the film so you know it will surely be a big deal.

While I loved these books and am really looking forward to what the movie studios do with them in the adaptation to the big screen, I will say I have no big expectations. Books to movies are always a dicey transition and when you like one version, you often won’t like the other. I never even saw Lovely Bones or Time Traveler’s Wife despite really liking the books. The previews just didn’t appeal to me (nor did the hefty $12.50 price tag to see a movie in New York, but that’s another story). As long as they throw in some shirtless scenes with Robert Pattinson, I guess it won’t all be a loss.


One response to “Some Great Books To Be Movies Soon(ish)

  1. I have read all of these on Robins recommendation and look forward to the movies

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