My Book Club is Reading for Robin

In an effort to support my project (and not add to my reading load!), my book club decided to pick a book off of Robin’s Reading List for this month’s selection. It’s only fitting since my mom often suggested the books we read in the past. It came to be understood that if Robin recommended it, it had to be good. So, while my mom can’t vouch for the titles on her list, having never read them herself, it’s already a good sign that she was interested in them.

This month’s selection, picked by the next hosts, is An Italian Affair by Laura Fraser. I do use the term “this month’s” loosely though since we aren’t meeting until May, but it does seem like a book to look forward to. If nothing else, it should hopefully whisk us from New York City to picturesque Italy.

Random House describes the memoir this way:

When Laura Fraser’s husband leaves her for his high school sweetheart, she takes off, on impulse, for Italy, hoping to leave some of her sadness behind. There, on the island of Ischia, she meets M., an aesthetics professor from Paris with an oversized love of life. What they both assume will be a casual vacation tryst turns into a passionate, transatlantic love affair, as they rendezvous in London, Marrakech, Milan, the Aeolian Islands, and San Francisco. Each encounter is a delirious immersion into place (sumptuous food and wine, dazzling scenery, lush gardens, and vibrant streetscapes) and into each other. And with each experience, Laura brings home not only a lasting sense of pleasure, but a more fully recovered sense of her emotional and sexual self. Written with an observant eye, an open mind, and a delightful sense of humor, An Italian Affair has the irresistible honesty of a story told from and about the heart.

While I’m happy with the choice, I’m still focused on What Happened to Anna K. and have plenty of time to get to An Italian Affair. More to come on this pick once I get to it, but in the mean time my book club better be thinking of how to make the discussion interesting if they want to make for a good post on this blog.


2 responses to “My Book Club is Reading for Robin

  1. Hopefully the pressure to have a good discussion at book club will cause some (cough cough, Alli) to read it!

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