Linked Up: Paging Through the Internet

My mom loved thinking about and talking about reading almost as much as she loved the actual act of reading.

In her absence, I’ve turned to the giant reading conversation that is the World Wide Web. Here’s what the Internet is saying about books, authors and the publishing industry this week:

Since the Apple iPad came out this weekend, here’s my obligatory link about the device: The iPad could help self-published authors. [NPR]

Amazon was selling Hachette e-books and then they weren’t selling Hachette e-books and now they are selling Hachette e-books. [Wall Street Journal]

After being berated by hecklers, Karl Rove has beefed up security for his book signings. [Sign On San Diego]

She’s not just fashionable, she’s funny: Laura Bennett of Project Runway has written a book about motherhood called Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother’s Guide to Sanity in Stilettos. [Seattle Times]


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