Oh Google, You Make Me Laugh

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but Google likes to offer helpful suggestions when you are searching. More often than not, though, their auto-complete suggestions are a cause for amusement.

Let’s take for example my own search the other day. Like the good blogger that I am, I was Googling my most recent book “What Happened to Anna K.” After typing just “what happened to” hilarity ensued. Google suggested such enlightening options such as:

  • what happened to seal’s face
  • what happened to steve from blue’s clues
  • what happened to drew brees face

All important questions. (I must admit that they did pique my curiosity. In case you were wondering, Drew Brees just has a birthmark on his face.) It’s only fitting then that just a few days later I discovered a website called GDumb.com. It’s a whole compendium of screenshots featuring these funny Google suggestions. In other news, I am easily amused.

In the course of writing this post, though, I did find practical value in the Google auto-complete thing. I wanted to take a screenshot of the Google fun but couldn’t remember how to do this on my Mac. All I had to type was “how to ta” before “how to take a screenshot on a Mac” popped up in the first slot. Thanks, Google!


8 responses to “Oh Google, You Make Me Laugh

  1. my favorite autocomplete is still “baby are you down down down down down”!!

  2. My question is, who are all these people who are dying to know what happened to Steve from Blue’s Clues?

  3. My spell check at work makes me laugh too. I was sending an e-mail to the teachers about Bookbag Magazine and it wanted to change it to Boob Magazine! Lucky I didn’t hit the wrong button, or there would have been a stampede of male teachers in the Media Center!

  4. as a Googler, I have to say I shared this with my whole cube and we had a chuckle. Then promptly looked up to see what really happened to Steve. And Seal’s face.

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  6. Remember, there was a rumor around the time of Steve’s departure from Blue’s Clues that he actually died of an overdose and that is why he had to be replaced.

    Instead of that reason, the real reason why he left was he wanted to concentrate on his band. And look where he is now!

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