Linked Up: Paging Through The Internet

My mom loved thinking about and talking about reading almost as much as she loved the actual act of reading.

In her absence, I’ve turned to the giant reading conversation that is the World Wide Web. Here’s what the Internet is saying about books, authors and the publishing industry this week:

After reading helped Mackenzie Bearup escape from excruciating pain in her knee, she created a book charity to help other children in pain. [CNN]

Publishers start salivating: Oprah revealed that her new OWN network may include a book-club show with Oprah turning up as a frequent guest. [Media Bistro]

Potterheads may also start salivating: J.K. Rowling has said that she may write more Harry Potter books… but probably not for another ten years. [MTV]

Questionable reporting on e-book sales has become a habit for companies and Apple is no exception. [New York Times]

The members of the Chicago book club the Book Wizards all love books, are good friends and have a cognitive disability, but that’s not stopping their reading fun. [Chicago Tribune]


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