My Not So Deep Thoughts on Reading a Real Book

I mentioned yesterday that I was excited to read a paperback instead of an e-book. Now I’m not saying I haven’t read any physical books lately. Back in January I read This Is Where I Leave You in hardcover that my mom lent me and not long before that I read Push in paperback for my book club. But for every “real” book I’ve read, there have been many more e-books. Since this project began, it’s been all electronic all the way. That’s mostly due to price and convenience, but I’m glad to be switching it up.

It’s been a whopping two days and I think I’m getting the hang of this printed book thing. Now that I’ve been weaned off my Kindle, I’m noticing things about physical books that I never thought about before. Like turning actual pages – not so hard after all! Other thoughts on the handling of real books, both good and bad, include:

  • It’s a lot harder to read a physical book one-handed… a problem when trying to read on the subway and not fall over
  • My purse gets a lot more crowded when there is a real book hogging space in there
  • It’s satisfying to actually see the pages I’ve read add up and know where I am in a book by page number rather than percentage
  • Dog-eared pages aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as electronic pages
  • But dog-earing pages is nice in a nostalgic kind of way
  • Everyone on the subway can see what I’m reading… though I should have chosen a more intellectually impressive book for this purpose
  • My real book doesn’t require recharging

And all these mind-blowing observations after only two days hooked back on the printed page.


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