Diane Keaton Might Join The Blogosphere

Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean Entertainment Weekly) Diane Keaton may soon be playing the role of a lifetime: a blogger.  What can I say, we’re a glamorous bunch.

Michael Ausiello, he of the best entertainment scoop around, shared the news yesterday:

I’m hearing from multiple sources that Oscar winner Diane Keaton is circling the title role in HBO’s Tilda, a half-hour comedy series about a powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger that is not based on powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke.

So perhaps if Susan Sarandon passes on Reading for Robin: The Feature Film, Diane can step in. True playing my mom in the movie wouldn’t exactly be the same as playing a blogger, but at least we know she’s interested in the field. Hey Diane, have your people call my people. Or, better yet, just comment below…


4 responses to “Diane Keaton Might Join The Blogosphere

  1. We will just have to find the pool (Annie) hall that Keaton must own and try to catch her there.

  2. can i play the long, time friend? i’ll be thinking of who can play me!

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