Reading for Robin Authors Say What?

When the authors on The List aren’t busy writing exciting works that attracted Robin’s attention, many can be found speaking their mind on Twitter.

Creepy visits, money-making schemes, summarizing the situation in Iceland succinctly and more… Check out who’s tweeting what this week:


Just leaving Maine. Camden was beautiful. Stayed at the Hawthorne Inn. Fabulous! But…

Still can’t shake the feeling of Stephen King and Murder, She Wrote. Must be ghouls and killers hiding behind all the beauty.


Ash. #iceland


Anyone wanna buy a kidney?


Sprechen sie Deutsch? Win an advance copy of Nieman den du Kennst (German edition of NO ONE YOU KNOW)

They’re also giving away an audio version, in case you just like to listen

That was not supposed to sound pornographic. but it kind of did


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