Reading for Robin Authors Say What?

When the authors on The List aren’t busy writing exciting works that attracted Robin’s attention, many can be found speaking their mind on Twitter.

It’s the Iceland Volcanic Ash Edition… Check out who’s tweeting what this week:


16,000 flights canceled as agent heads 2 London Book Fest w/ 4 Ms. Bradwells. Lemons 2 lemonade, sure, but what does 1 make w/ volcanic ash?


Volcanic dust reflects light back into space, cooling earth’s atmosphere. Are man-made volcanoes next?


Okay the Swedes definitely win in the train comfort and speed department. Copenhagen has the loveliest light. #survivingtheash2010


“i’d like to fold it up five times and stick it where the moon doesn’t shine” Dick Cavett to Norman Mailer,bloviating raiser of volcanic ash


One response to “Reading for Robin Authors Say What?

  1. I don’t understand twitter yet, still behind in the times .

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