A House on Fortune Street Music Playlist

Since The House on Fortune Street came out two years ago, more of the articles I’ve come across about it aren’t all that new. That’s fine by me because it’s new to me! But I apologize in advance if you’ve already acquainted yourself with Margot Livesey’s playlist for the book, I know it was probably the first thing you did.

To explain, I stumbled upon a blog called the Largehearted Boy which regularly features a series called Book Notes. In Book Notes, the Largehearted Boy asks an author to create a music playlist based on his or her recently published book. Margot Livesey took on the task.

Her House on Fortune Street musical medley includes:

  1. “Caledonia” by Dougie MacLean
  2. “Quartet in G” by Debussy
  3. Leonard Cohen
  4. “You’ve Been So Good Up to Now” by Lyle Lovett
  5. “Love is Everything” by k.d. Lang
  6. “Burning Down The House” by David Byrne

Since I don’t want to completely steal his hard work, you’ll have to go to the Largehearted Boy’s blog post to get Livesey’s explanations and trust me it makes more sense that way. But if you do just check out the titles on this motley list, you’ll have fun trying to guess how it could all possibly relate.

By the way, I hope you guys aren’t tired of reading about The House on Fortune Street yet because there’s more where that came from.


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