And Then There Was Jane Eyre

I’ve really been moving through The House on Fortune Street and so it’s on to the next section! And the English literary element in this part is… Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

This makes just one of many Jane Eyre run-ins I’ve had. We first became acquainted around the 5th grade (for me, not Jane Eyre). I’m not sure what possessed me but I decided to tackle this behemoth of a book. It was by far the longest book I’d ever read up until that point. I can’t say I necessarily understood the entire thing, but I was so proud of myself for reading it… and even liking it.

A few years later, I had to read Jane Eyre again for school, and this time it probably sunk in a little more, but I liked it just as much if I recall.

Now, more than just a few years later, I hardly remember the plot, but I do think of Jane Eyre fondly. And it’s nice to get another peak into that literary world through the lense of The House on Fortune Street. Maybe I know a thing about Brit Lit after all. Though I still know next to nothing about Keats.


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