I’m Back: Burned But Well Read

I’ve returned from my brief vacation, which I’m happy to say was really nice. It was great spending time with my dad and brother without any real responsibilities.

Although I’m not a souvenir kind of girl, I didn’t come back entirely empty-handed. Instead of tchochkes, I brought back with me a lovely sunburn (though not nearly as bad as the special one Kim Kardashian sports at left) as well as opinions on a lot of books to tell you all about. While I was away I finished The House on Fortune Street and then made my way through An Italian Affair and The Late Lamented Molly Marx. That’s what happens when I have two flights and two full days on the beach with which to do nothing but read and relax.

However, last night was dedicated to unpacking, getting my life in order and tending to my charred skin (okay, and watching Gossip Girl), so sharing my enlightening thoughts on this reading material will have to wait. But now you have something to look forward to this week… and probably well into next week.


2 responses to “I’m Back: Burned But Well Read

  1. It is always a fun time staring at one’s sunburns and trying to figure out the patterns.

    Like looking at clouds, but more painful.

    Had a great time on the trip and enjoyed reading next to you.

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