Thank You For Supporting Robin’s Walkers

This past Saturday was the long awaited Walk to Defeat ALS. My team, Robin’s Walkers, came out in our tie dye t-shirts ready to show our support. It was a beautiful day in New York, a lovely walk along the Hudson River and such a great cause. In the end, Robin’s Walkers raised $5,886.82 and the event brought in an impressive $295,987.26.

I want to thank all of you who donated to me and my team. (And you can still donate through the link on the sidebar even though the walk is over!) I know it was many of my readers who helped my team reach our goal and go so far beyond it. I really appreciate it and I know the ALS Association does as well. I can only hope that the money raised brings us closer to finding a cure.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


2 responses to “Thank You For Supporting Robin’s Walkers

  1. I take full blame for the fact that some of you photographed in the last picture don’t appear ready. I forgot to count before I clicked! Deepest apologies!

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