A High-Tech Version of the Reading List

BookLover iPhone appSo I was browsing the internet (or frantically searching “books” in Google News for a blog post idea) and came upon a mention of an iPhone app called BookLover, which can handle your reading list for you.

PC World summarizes the features:

Electric Pocket released BookLover on Wednesday, an iPhone application that allows you to keep track of the books you’ve recently read and remind yourself of ones that you’d like to read. It also features some sharing options for you to recommend books to your friends and a handy feature for keeping track of whom you’ve lent your books to.

It sounds useful, but it just seems amusing to me that there’s such a high-tech way to keep track of your reading list. My mom did that for years on just a piece of paper in her purse. When she upgraded, it was just to a Word document that she then printed and kept in her purse. Fancy, eh?

I’ve done her one better and created a Google doc for myself where I keep track of the books I want to read (that aren’t on Robin’s Reading List and therefore kept track of here) and the books I’ve read. But these days I also keep my mom’s list in my purse too. It seems fitting. Though my mom must have had a much more organized purse (no question there) because the list has taken a definite beating on the bottom of my bag.

Anyway, this BookLover app certainly takes the idea of the reading list to a new level and I kind of like the idea of it… especially the sharing features, since that’s something a traditional list can’t do. And thank goodness there’s technology to remind me about books I can’t seem to remember on my own.

Too bad I don’t have an iPhone. Actually it’s not too bad since I did have an iPhone and it dropped every single one of my calls. But too bad I don’t have a hypothetical iPhone that isn’t on an AT&T plan. Then I’d be all over this BookLover.


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