Good Looking Guys Who Read Books

Hot Guys Reading BooksI wanted to give you all something light and fun for this lovely extended weekend. Since I didn’t really have anything Memorial Day related though I figured I would instead tell you about this amusing blog Hot Guys Reading Books. You see Memorial Day is all about those who serve our country, men who serve our country wear uniforms, men in uniform are generally good looking and here are other good looking men reading books. It totally works, right? (Not that I am trying to belittle the significance of Memorial Day at all.)

Anyway, I found out about this blog from Entertainment Weekly. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. People submit pictures of guys they find attractive reading books. It’s an English major’s dream come true. The actual attractiveness of the guys featured does vary but it goes a long way in busting the book nerd stereotype.

So check out Hot Guys Reading Books, and check out a sneak preview below:

Hot Guys Reading Books


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