Up Next: A Feast of Love

The Feast of LoveDespite my proclamation yesterday to not really love short stories, I’ve decided to tackle another similar book this time though it is fiction. This may seem like some well-thought out plan to create a meaningful thread through the books that I read. However, this is really more just the result of an impulse buy the day before I left for San Francisco and wanted to make sure I had plenty of reading material on my Kindle.

In the midst of packing and blogging and getting myself all ready to go, I did a quick scan of my mom’s list. Charles Baxter’s name jumped out at me first. My mom had only listed the author and not any particular book so I did a little Amazon.com-ing and read a few synopses (I had to look up the plural for “synopsis” and it still looks wrong). With a click of a button, I had decided on The Feast of Love.

But what is it about, you ask?

The Feast of Love is just that — a sumptuous work of fiction about the thing that most distracts and delights us. In a re-imagined Midsummer Night’s Dream, men and women speak of and desire their ideal mates; parents seek out their lost children; adult children try to come to terms with their own parents and, in some cases, find new ones.

In vignettes both comic and sexy, the owner of a coffee shop recalls the day his first wife seemed to achieve a moment of simple perfection, while she remembers the women’s softball game during which she was stricken by the beauty of the shortstop. A young couple spends hours at the coffee shop fueling the idea of their fierce love. A professor of philosophy, stopping by for a cup of coffee, makes a valiant attempt to explain what he knows to be the inexplicable workings of the human heart Their voices resonate with each other — disparate people joined by the meanderings of love — and come together in a tapestry that depicts the most irresistible arena of life. Crafted with subtlety, grace, and power, The Feast of Love is a masterful novel.

I figure I love love so I’m intrigued. Plus it was a finalist for the National Book Award so it seems some people thought it was good.

You can check out Charles Baxter’s website here if you want more information.


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