A Quote Worth Quoting: The Feast of Love

I’m not a person who underlines phrases that speak to me in books. I’m not one who even thinks that phrases speak to me in books. But during this project, I’m going to try and be that kind of person. I think it will add something to the discussions about the books and maybe even give you all a little insight into who I am.

In my last “Quote Worth Quoting” post, I said that my pick for quote was different than in the past. That’s because the passage I chose from “I Shudder” wasn’t so much meaningful as it was just entertaining. Well, this time I’ve decided on something for a whole other reason. Not necessarily so meaningful and not necessarily so entertaining.

But what it does have is a really nice way with words. As someone who reads a lot (obviously?) and likes to write when I make myself, I appreciate a fun use of language. Check it out:

“When Kathryn called me a toad, which she did sometimes to punish me, I’m sure she chose that metaphor carefully. She took great care with her language. She was fastidious. She probably searched for that metaphor all day. She went shopping for metaphors, Kathryn did. X marked the spot where she found them. Then she displayed them, all these metaphors, to me.”

Isn’t that just a great metaphor about metaphors?


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