Love It: Book Cart Drill Teams

My high school had a drill team. During football game half times, girls in sparkly outfits would come out and wave flags around while the marching band did their thing. These drill teams are not that. But they are awesome.

It apparently pays to follow the Book Lady’s Blog on Twitter because she alerted me to a librarian friend’s book cart drill team called, awesomely enough, The Dewey Decimators. They pushed, spun and swung their book carts around to a “I Like To Move It” remix and it was glorious. I thought to myself, there must be more of this out there.

Ask and YouTube shall provide.

Check out the Well Stacked Sci-Brarians recreating Thriller… book cart style.

And perhaps my favorite of all: The Hip Hop Librarians doing Baby Got Books. Yes, for those of you at home, that is a special version of Baby Got Back. Love it.

And that’s just the beginning. I’m still wading my way through YouTube and there is so much goodness to be found. I love librarians with a sense of humor… and dance moves!


4 responses to “Love It: Book Cart Drill Teams

  1. A drill team is used to counterbalance marching band’s inherent dorkiness.

    “Oh, what are they playing? Beethoven’s 5th? Sooooooo boring…ooooh, sparkly women and big, colorful flags!”

    Of course, being a band nerd myself, I can also tell you the drill team served to keep the male band nerds familiar with the opposite sex. Cause there was little other way we would interact with them.

  2. Sam, these are so funny. Maybe I’ll start a team at my school! Talk about funny things in the library. I was doing inventory and (if I can pat myself on the back) mostly every book was in correct Dewey decimal order. Except for one book, which should have been in the 618’s but was misfiled in the 681’s…….and when I saw the title I cracked up. How to Deal With Dyslexia!

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