Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes At Reading For Robin

Ellie KemperDon’t worry, not major changes. But I’ve decided to stop posting over the weekend. It’s been a busy summer with lots of trips and such (and another one coming up this weekend), so it has become difficult to find time to blog on Saturdays and Sundays. And as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing authors’ tweets and interesting links from the week, as my dad says, those are the posts you can skip. However, I’ll still stalk the authors on Twitter and keep an eye out for fun links and update you as I find great things. Nevertheless, I apologize if your Saturdays and Sundays are a little drearier, but I hope I make up for it Monday through Friday.

In the meantime, I couldn’t leave you going into the weekend without some exciting publishing news. Another member of The Office crew is writing a book! Okay maybe that’s just exciting publishing news to me… Anyway, two weeks ago I told you that Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor) scored a book deal. Now the actress who plays her friend on the show, Ellie Kemper will have her own book too. That would be Erin the receptionist. (Little remembered fact: Her real name on the show is Kelly, but when there was confusion over two people named Kelly she opted to go by her middle name Erin.) She’s really funny on the show so hopefully that translates to the page. And now I can’t help but wonder who will be next from the Scranton gang to write a book. Kevin? Stanley? I’m looking at you guys.


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