The Elegance Of The Hedgehog Is For Adults

Elegance of the HedgehogBut by “for adults” I don’t mean in the scandalous adults-only kind of way.

In a Huffington Post article from earlier this year, Delia Lloyd writes “Why The Elegance of the Hedgehog Is For Grownups.” After reading the book for her book club, she decided that all adults should read it too… for five specific reasons.

Here’s a brief breakdown of why:

  1. It’s about social class
  2. It’s about the possibility of change
  3. It’s about love (but not the sappy kind)
  4. It has an appropriately bittersweet ending
  5. It’s about Paris

For the explanations you’ll have to check out the article. These reasons, though, certainly give me (and you!) a hint of what’s to come. I’ll have to decide later if they are important enough to make it “essential reading.”


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