A Nice Cold Glass Of Literary Agent

Literary Agent CocktailSeeing as the process of writing a book, crafting the perfect pitch letter and landing an agent can easily drive a person to drink, it is fitting that there is a cocktail called Literary Agent.

The food blog Umamimart came up with the drink described as “a cross between a Whisky Sour and a Hemingway Daiquiri…with a Japanese twist and a bit of history which provide context for the drink’s name.” I found it through GalleyCat, though, which is a publishing blog that can certainly appreciate a little alcoholic tribute to the book world.

The drink consists of whiskey, yuzu juice, grapefruit juice, Maraschino liqueur, and something called muscovado syrup, but for a more complete recipe you’ll have to check out Umamimart. If you do manage to collect these seemingly exotic ingredients, enjoy a refreshing Literary Agent for me. Sounds like a good way to get through Hump Day at least…


One response to “A Nice Cold Glass Of Literary Agent

  1. Thanks for the plug. Muscovado syrup is simply a syrup made with muscovado sugar, also known as demerara. Basically, look for raw sugar (like those “Sugar in the Raw” packets at the coffee shop) and you’ll have something very close.

    Dissolve 2 parts of the sugar in 1 part of just boiling water (helps the sugar dissolve faster). Let it cool and you have a rich, delicious syrup that’s excellent in everything from cocktails to coffee.

    Japanese/asian grocers, or even Whole Foods should carry the yuzu, and any quality liquor store should stock Maraschino liqueur.

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