The Giving Tree Gets A Dose Of Sass

Every once in a while I have to wander a little off topic to share something fun that I found. This video would be that.

Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog introduced me to the Sassy Gay Friend through yesterday’s clip du jour. The Sassy Gay Friend is a YouTube star who is a lot like his name implies. He talks sense into classic literary figures to get them to avoid the mistakes that are coming their way. He’s tackled Othello, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

In the video above, though, it’s all about The Giving Tree. Now to call the tree in The Giving Tree a “classic literary figure” may be a bit of a stretch, but go with me. I’ve probably read the book a million times and each time I thought to myself, “Poor, poor giving tree. He/she’s just so giving.” But that kind of thinking doesn’t help anyone. That’s where the Sassy Gay Friend steps in and saves the tree with a little no nonsense speech. Perhaps a sequel should be in the works…


2 responses to “The Giving Tree Gets A Dose Of Sass

  1. “The Giving Tree” is one of those books adults give kids so that their souls can be crushed a little to prepare for them for the real world.

    “Oh, you love making paper snowflakes so much, don’t you? Here, read this book and tell me if you if think of paper in the same way again!”

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