Heidi Julavits On The Uses of Enchantment

Heidi JulavitsI was doing some more Googling for information about The Uses of Enchantment when I came across a YouTube video of the author Heidi Julavits speaking. I thought her first sentence was so amusing. She starts by saying:

“Well, my novel The Uses of Enchantment is probably my most autobiographical novel…even though I was not as a child abducted nor was I fake abducted, I didn’t go to a therapist and lie about my experience, and no book was written about me.”

So, other than the main premise of the book, it’s totally autobiographical!

To be fair she goes on to explain that it is autobiographical in terms of the setting: the Northeast, the private school, the cemetery, and those sorts of details.

Having just started getting into the story, I can see where she’s coming from, but I still find it funny that she calls it her most true-to-life book. It’s almost like saying Sybil is sort of like my life, you know, minus the multiple personalities.

I kid, I kid.


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