A Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Dinner Party

DinnerThe other night a group of us gathered at my apartment to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on DVD. It was a night that had been in the making for a while now. And with all of the build-up, I figured you would all want to know how it turned out. Plus, my friends asked me to blog about it. What can I say, they love the fame that comes with a Reading for Robin mention.

With any successful gathering, the first step was deciding what to eat. Bari, in a stroke of genius, offered to bring the Swedish Fish for dessert. It’s the perfect candy for a Swedish thriller. From there, I thought we should make an authentic Swedish meal. Except we weren’t really sure what that would consist of. Then we found a great recipe for orzo and decided to go in a Mediterranean direction instead. There’s no real movie tie-in there, but it was delicious. The feast (see picture) included chicken and veggie kebabs, homemade tzatziki sauce, a broccoli/tomato/chickpea salad and, of course, the orzo. Maggie contributed much of the cooking with Carley manning the grill pan.

Once the food was taken care of, we remembered the purpose of our get-together and got to the movie watching. I thought the film was very well done. The actors chosen for the roles seemed to be a perfect fit in most cases. It was also interesting to see what parts of the book made it into the movie and which parts didn’t. As I said, if everything had been included the movie would have been well longer than the already lengthy 2.5 hours. Still, most of the major plot points were included (except the Blomkvist-Berger relationship) and it had me sucked in, even though I already knew what was going to happen. Of course, along the way, there was plenty of graphic scenes that had me covering my eyes. But, having read the book, I at least knew when to have my hands prepared for the covering.

I’d recommend the movie to anyone who enjoyed the book and to anyone who can handle some intense and gruesome viewing. And those parts go down smoother when you have Swedish Fish on hand.


9 responses to “A Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Dinner Party

  1. The Swedish fish were delicious and on-theme, but they couldn’t compete with Maggie’s recipes!

  2. I guess it was better that we went off-theme. Otherwise, as I had originally suggested, it would have been coffee and cigarettes, with some swedish fish on the side.

  3. I love when reading for robin goes to dinner! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your book blog turns food blog for a day! And dinner was as delicious as that picture looks!

  4. Repeat anyone? We can fast forward through the gruesome parts…

  5. funny, steve rented that movie last week, and lent it to another friend….everyone loved it!

  6. It sounds like fun, I just started reading the girl who kicked the hornets nest. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  7. Your dinner was a great idea!

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