Books To Furnish Your Apartment

Book Book CaseLast week, The New York Times ran an article called “Creative New Uses for Books” on its website. At the time, I skimmed it, found it amusing, and moved on.

Last night, though, I finally had time to go through my Google Reader and I noticed another reference to the article on GalleyCat. This time, when I saw a bookcase made of old used books, I paid a little more attention.

The articles explain how artist Jim Rosenau, the son and grandson of publishers, grew up around thousands of books and decided to make books into furniture. This is a concept I can appreciate more now that I’ve spent a week knee-deep in furniture assessing, furniture shopping, and furniture debating as I prepare to move next week. Furniture is expensive and there are just too many choices. However, I do have my fair share of books already in my apartment. And if I include my home back in Florida, I’ve got plenty of books to work with. Can’t I just put these together somehow and furnish my new apartment?

It works for Rosenau. Check out some of his cool pieces. I call the book chair. (Andrew, this is such a good replacement for your recliner.)


3 responses to “Books To Furnish Your Apartment

  1. In Guernsey Elizabeth had made a table out of books. With our crafting abilities we can come up with something!

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