My Mom’s Drink of Choice

Mom and Dad ToastingReading J.R. Moehringer’s The Tender Bar, a book centered around a bar, naturally leads to thoughts of drinking. Not in a this-book-is-so-bad-I-have-to-drink-to-get-through-it kind of way though. More in an all-this-talk-of-drinks-makes-me-want-one kind of way.

Which brings me to my mom’s drinking habits. My mom got a late start to the whole drinking thing. She once told me she’d never been drunk. I’m still not sure I believe that one, but she certainly gained more of an affinity for alcohol later in life. And what was her drink of choice? Bud Light.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances of her discovery (Dad, help me out here?), but I do know I received a call one day from her declaring that she had finally found a drink she liked.  Oh Bud Light, it’s cheap, it’s light and it tastes almost like water, which I think she took to be a positive. Wine gave her heartburn. Other drinks were too strong. Bud Light, though, was just what she wanted.

And you know what, I’m with her on that one. At any bar Bud Light is my go-to drink. But I think that has less to do with the similarities between my mom and I and more to do with my very limited budget for New York. Either way, it’s yet another thing that connects us.


3 responses to “My Mom’s Drink of Choice

  1. I remember one time, while she was here in Maryland, she had a sip of my beer and liked it. I believe she may have called you then as well (or maybe you just happened to call while we were out) and told you about it.

  2. i liked this picture when mom showed it to me!!! we never liked the taste of beer, so i guess it was an acquired taste…late in life!

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