A Case of Wanderlust

TravelI’ve past the prologue of this month’s book club book The Lost Girls and am well into the third or fourth chapter. That’s just enough time for me to feel sufficiently jealous. As I mentioned the other day, The Lost Girls is about three twenty-somethings who quit their jobs to travel the world for a year.

Now, I don’t really want to quit my job. Nor am I really cut out for traveling to remote places for an entire year. But the sense of excitement of traveling to new destinations does appeal to me. So far my travels have been pretty limited to the US, the Caribbean and Israel. That changes in two weeks when I head to London and Paris with my dad and brother, but I’ve hardly been a globetrotter.

That being said, a few friends and I have discussed going on a big international trip before our 30th birthdays… a plan partly inspired by hearing about The Lost Girls book. Not quite around the globe, but a big, possibly multi-country trip. Why 30 considering I’m just about to turn 25? (Besides the fact that I love to plan way into the future…) Well, I figure I need about five years to save up enough money and earn enough vacation days to do the trip right. A girl has to dream, yes? And maybe I can use The Lost Girls as a sort of “what to do and not do” guide.

The countdown to the Big Trip of 2016 is on.


3 responses to “A Case of Wanderlust

  1. Can’t wait for our big trip – it’s already on my calendar! Sam – I am officially putting you in charge of picking some good reading material for our multiple cross-world flights (and boat rides?)

  2. Oh well, I guess you will just have to settle for a trip to Paris and London in the mean time πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad you picked thirty for your trip, I had picked 40 and kids and a million other things got in the way. I finally got to Europe with my girl friends in my 50s. But thirty would have been better.

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