I Take It Back: Oprah and Freedom

Freedom by Jonathan FranzenRemember the other day when I was talking about how David Sheff and Beautiful Boy were all Oprah-y and Jonathan Franzen and Freedom were not?

Sorry, Reading for Robin readers, I spoke too soon.

Two weeks after that post, I very much take it back. In fact, Jonathan Franzen has one-upped David Sheff when it comes to Oprah-ness. While Sheff discussed his book in an episode with his son, Franzen’s book was chosen for Oprah’s book club.

You may recall that I mentioned that Oprah picked Franzen’s earlier book, The Corrections, only to have him make some negative comments and her to pull the book from the book club. Well, it seems all has been forgiven and forgotten.

In the announcement she made on the show (it went a little like this “FREEEEEDOOOOM”), I believe Oprah used the words “masterpiece” and “the best novel you will ever read.” A pretty good endorsement, I’d say.

(Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios)


5 responses to “I Take It Back: Oprah and Freedom

  1. Thank you. I started cracking up out loud when I read “FREEEEEDOM” because I pictured how Oprah says that.

    I would say that the people at work now think I am weird, but they already thought that.

  2. Sam does a really good Oprah impression. She should get a reward for it. It’s perfection.

  3. On a related note (heh, note):

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