Happy (Belated) Birthday Agatha Christie

And Then There Were NoneLast week was an important birthday. And I don’t just mean my friend Bari’s or my friend Stacy’s. Though, those both happened, so happy birthday girls!

However, September 15th marked the 120th birthday of the Queen of Murder Mystery: Agatha Christie. And I feel terrible that I missed it!

I used to be a huge Agatha Christie fan. Apparently, I’m not alone since I’ve learned that more than 2 billion of her books have been sold and they are published in more than 45 languages worldwide. Christie’s And Then There Were None (also published as Ten Little Indians) was probably one of my first “favorite” books. I loved the twist ending, which I can’t really remember anymore. Shortly thereafter my mom had to take me to the library to get more and more Christie books. I was especially into the Hercule Poirot stories and very likely read them all.

So thank you Agatha Christie for getting me sucked into murder mysteries. I apologize for missing the birthday, but fortunately it seems Google remembered. Their homepage in the UK featured this cute doodle:

Agatha Christie Google Doodle


One response to “Happy (Belated) Birthday Agatha Christie

  1. Sorry we missed her birthday but maybe we can pretend that one of the many birthday celebrations in the past few weeks were for her – I hear Agatha loved a good Enchiladas Verde. And I will eat a piece of my funfetti cake in her honor.

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