Book Club’s Verdict on The Lost Girls

The Lost GirlsLast night was book club, and I upheld my streak of reading every book we’ve discussed. This time bordered on cheating though since I’d had to skim the last 50 or so pages in order to make it on time. I shouldn’t have worried so much – only one or two other members had finished the book too.

Our group’s lack of completion shouldn’t completely be taken as a judgment on the book’s content. The Lost Girls, which follows twentysomethings Jen, Amanda, and Holly as they ditch their old New York City lives to trek across the world, is interesting and entertaining, and it certainly made me want to travel… just with less cockroaches and better bathrooms if possible.

The problem was more the length. It’s not that the members are against reading long books, but it’s tricky when there’s a deadline. Personally, I liked parts of the book but felt it could have been a whole lot shorter. I’m sure living the adventure was exciting, but after 570 pages, the reading about it gets a little repetitive. Find hostel, battle bugs, meet backpackers, sightsee, sleep, rinse and repeat. I want to be friends with Jen, Amanda, and Holly, I want to do (some) of what they did, I just want to get through the story of it a little faster.

They must have done more than a few things right, though, because they are getting a TV show! Or at least a pilot. Jerry Bruckheimer Television has bought the TV rights to The Lost Girls and ABC has committed to a pilot. Did I mention I want to be friends with these girls? So cool!


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