Dancing With The Authors?

Dancing with the AuthorsBack when the latest season of Dancing with the Stars started in September, Entertainment Weekly’s Breia Brissey noticed that in eleven seasons of the show, there has never been an author on the cast. Thus sparked much amusing blog and Twitter chatter.

You may respond that most authors hardly qualify as “stars.” And you would probably be right. However if you’ve ever heard anything about the show, you know that they use the term “stars” loosely. Bristol Palin, anyone?

Now GalleyCat is offering a poll, asking people to vote on which authors they’d like to see on the show. They’ve gathered 10 suggestions from readers which are:

  1. Tatjana Soli
  2. Nora Roberts
  3. Kathy L. Patrick
  4. Claire Cook
  5. Jodi Picoult
  6. Harlan Coben
  7. Ally Carter
  8. David Sedaris
  9. Andy Borowitz
  10. Tishani Doshi

You can vote on GalleyCat’s Facebook page. While I don’t watch the show (my mom did though), I think it could be interesting to see an author on there. From the list above, I’d go with David Sedaris because he’s quite funny and would probably provide much entertainment. However, I’d rather veer off list and pick someone more unlikely, say Jonathan Franzen. It would be a whole different kind of funny entertainment to see him and his infamous glasses doing the salsa. Am I right? Any other ideas?


One response to “Dancing With The Authors?

  1. Stephen King.

    Imagine all the puns about how he is a horror on the dance floor they could make!

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