Throwing The Book at Him

ObamaSo yesterday Carley sent me this article and told me to blog about it. I wanted to watch Gossip Girl (don’t judge) and read Skippy Dies (see, intellectual!), so I appreciated the suggestion for a quick, relevant topic.

In case you didn’t hear, a book was thrown at Obama at a rally in Philadelphia. At least it wasn’t a shoe, I guess. Obama didn’t notice, but the Secret Service did. They detained the book-thrower, questioned him, and released him when they determined he wasn’t a threat.

So who was the guy? According to CNN, he was just an over enthusiastic author, who wanted the president to read his book. I know they say any publicity is good publicity, but this still doesn’t seem like the way to go. Plus, they haven’t released the guy’s name or the name of his book so it’s not exactly going to start selling like crazy. But to recap, there’s good attention (being written about on this blog for example) and bad attention (lobbing objects at the leader of our country). Some things are unacceptable… even in the name of reading.

Oh, and apparently earlier in the rally a different guy ran naked at the event to win some money. I can’t really relate that to books, but sounds like an eventful Obama appearance. I’m sure he talked about good stuff too…


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