This Audiobook Thing

So it took a little while, but audiobooks have finally become a part of my regular routine. It used to be hard to fit them in because I had such a short commute, and the subway was always so loud. Since I’ve moved though, my commute is, well, still short, but now it involves walking. Walking is quieter (no incoming or outgoing trains and only a few ambulances), and I find it peaceful to listen to a story as the blocks go by. It may take me more than a month to get through an audiobook because I have so little time to listen, but I enjoy it all the same and it gives my wandering mind something to focus on as I make my way to work, head to a friend’s apartment, or force myself onto an elliptical at the gym. Yes, it even makes working out ever so slightly more bearable.

Another great perk of listening to audiobooks is that it lets me take on more reading than normal. I’ve never quite been able to master reading two books at once, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me to listen to a book while I am in the middle of reading one as well. A while back, I listened to The Holy Thief on audio during the same period I was reading The Book of Dahlia on my mom’s list. Now, as I’ve taken on Freedom, The Lost Girls, Schooled, Happy Birthday or Whatever, and Skippy Dies in print, I’ve also been listening to Louise Penny’s Bury Your Dead. And I’m really liking it! Yesterday, I even found myself staring at the blank TV, which was not turned on, while I finished listening to a particularly compelling part of the audiobook. Yes, I’m one of those people who stares into space now. It was bound to happen.


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