The Case of the Overlapping Stories

Beautiful BoySo it finally happened: My new habit of listening to an audiobook while reading a different book got me all confused.

At the end of last week, I started both a new audiobook and the book Beautiful Boy, which I had been talking about starting for ever but only just did. The two  are seemingly pretty unrelated, one about a group of young people in Brooklyn and the other about a father’s insight into his son’s addiction to meth. However, they start off surprisingly similar.

Both begin with a focus on the male main characters, flashing back to their childhoods. Both men were the product of divorce and both spent most of their time with their fathers. Both flew as unaccompanied minors to visit their mothers. And both even mentioned enjoying soda on the plane since their parents didn’t usually allow it. Yes, it gets that specifically alike.

As you can imagine, switching back and forth between the two in a short time span had me a little mixed up. In the past, the book and audiobook I’ve been “reading” at the same time have been so different as to not having any bearing on one another. All this means, though, is I will have to pay a little more attention and maybe do a short mental recap before picking up each.

Anyway, something tells me that the two books will end up having very different plots soon enough. In the meantime, what’s a little confusion?


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