That Kindle Won’t Amount To Anything

KindleI must thank GalleyCat for pointing out this great Center Networks article from 2007 that lists the 10 reasons the Kindle will fail. Practically telepathic, eh?

Among the reasons the device would never make it:

  • It’s big and ugly – it’s no sleek iPhone
  • $399 to have the privilege of then buying books to read on the device? Can I get a Fail Fail?
  • Isn’t reading about the enjoyment of reading?
  • So now I have to carry an iPod and a cell phone and a Kindle?

Nevertheless, the Kindle is still here and, you know, kind of a big deal. Amazon won’t release information on exactly how many have been sold, but estimates have the number at more than four million. Sorry Center Networks.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sold right away. The whole buying an expensive thing that allows me to buy more things seemed unnecessary. But then Amazon lowered the price and I jumped on the bandwagon. My mom held out for longer. Her rationale had more to do with the joys of holding an actual book in hand. Then I showed her mine and she was a convert. My dad bought her a Kindle and she became hooked.


2 responses to “That Kindle Won’t Amount To Anything

  1. Once you go Kindle it’s hard to go back. I really dislike reading paper books now. It just seems to be… barbaric.

  2. Your mom bought a kindle and I became hooked. Love it, love it, love it.

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