Cover Commentary

Freedom UKEver have one of those days where you really can’t think of what to post on your book blog? You know, if you had a book blog?

I was having one of those. And then I thought, everyone likes pictures! So I skimmed through my Europe pictures (I promise I will get those up on Facebook or to you via email, Adam and Dad!), and I came across the picture in the top right of this post.

It’s the UK cover for Freedom. It’s always fun to see the different covers books have around the world. What do you like better? The big “F” or the bird?

FreedomNot to be all patriotic or anything, but I’m going to side with America on this one. Birds have a major presence in the novel. And it’s pretty.

The large F, on the other hand, just seems like a strange choice.

But what do you expect from those quirky Brits. They do things a little differently: They drive on the left side of the road, they call the bathroom the “loo,” and they changed the name from T.J.Maxx to T.K.Maxx.

True story:


Oh, those funny Brits.


2 responses to “Cover Commentary

  1. that’s funny, samantha…of course the grossberg girls had to have a run through in “T K Maxx” when we spotted it!

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